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Traditional originals

Steeped in Derbyshire history, our Bakewell Pudding is still made by hand using the only original verified recipe from the 1800s, which remains a secret. We are proud to be contributing to the preservation of Bakewell’s legacy by continuing to manufacture this special dessert.


Our unique Pudding comprises a crunchy, buttery puff pastry case layered with seedless strawberry jam and topped with a soft-set silky custard of ground almonds, egg and sugar and is the proud recipient of a Great Taste award.

The world-renowned Bakewell Tart is also handmade to a traditional recipe. The shortcrust pastry case is filled with seedless strawberry jam and a pale, fluffy frangipane, topped with either fondant icing and a cherry or with flaked almonds.

To find out more about the tarts and puddings we have available please refer to our product list. To find out more about how we can supply your business please contact us.

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